Friday, November 21, 2008

Storms over Charlotte Street

Nora's team were buzzing in the Whynot office today. Twenty of our calendars had to be assembled, packed and shipped off before a 5pm deadline, all the while a monster of a storm was wreaking havoc outside our building in Charlotte Street.

The post office being just around the corner meant our precious packages had to be somehow protected from the fierce storm, it was decided two black heavy duty bin bags would do just the job.

Unfortunately no one had mentioned this to me, who had earlier in the day emptied two full bins with the good intentions of depositing them into larger bins. However due to a short term memory loss and a subway 6 inch meatball sub had completely forgotten to dispose of either of them.

Just as I was about to drop the bags into the bin, an irate lady carrying a floral brolly dressed in a yellow macintosh forcefully grabbed them and quickly marched off in the direction of the Mary Street post office.

Oops sorry Nora, I have a feeling your parcels will be a lot safer with Australia Post.

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Bespoke Press said...

We received our calender today!! Oh so excited!! Beautifully packaged and now out on display... it doesn't matter that it is still 2008 does it??