Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Surprise in the Mailbox

Christmas has come early in the Nora Whynot Studio with the grand arrival of one heavy-duty wooden crate filled with our very own Kelsey letterpress courtesy of Charlie over in Minnesota and ebay.

Charlie did the most effective and secure piece of packaging I have ever seen. So much so I don't think I will ever look at a piece of cling film in the same light again. I can image without such protection our little press would have taken a real beating on its journey from the States.

So now we own a reconditioned Kelsey Letterpress and to quote "The Kelsey press is a classic 'first press' every young printer should start with", well we're not exactly young printers but what is lacking in age is made up in enthusiasm.

We might not know the language or have the years of experience, but with time and practice the rewards am sure will come. In fact today I learnt my first word "slug", it's the same as leading but three times as thick.

So in saying that we're now going to throw a few slugs on the chase, roll up our sleeves and get the vegetable oil out.

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