Sunday, November 9, 2008

2009 Thyme Calendar

The Whynot team finally began work on the 2009 Thyme Calendar, the first project for the newly formed Nora Whynot Press. All the screenprinting equipment for this little adventure was gathered from Gabba Screenprinters here in Brisbane who were exceptionally helpful and generous in the giving of both their time and information.

So one very hot Saturday morning we began to print our very first screen. It's been 25 years since I last held a squeegee and wondered if it was a bit like riding a bike...would it come back to me. Needless to say holding the squeegee was the least of my problems!

I don't think we quite realised what a challenge printing 13 pages would be. Ink too thick, ink too thin, too hot... ink drying in the screen, ink every where except where it should be..on the floor, on the fridge...on the cat.

Two long hours later it seemed to be working and we became very excited by what we were finally producing, even the cat had a relieved look on his face. So to cut a very long story short it's now week two and we are well on our way to completing the Calendar just in 'thyme' for Christmas.

We hope to have 100 limited editions of the calendar finished and placed into our etsy shop by the end of next week.

Below are a few pics to showcase our efforts. We made the vacuum table using a vacuum cleaner that was bought specially for the job. We were promised by the retailer that it wouldn't blow up due to over use whilst printing, so far so good, although am sure he must have been laughing under his breath!


Bespoke Press said...

These look fabulous!! Congratulations!

Little Jane St said...


I just came here via Bespoke Press... They certainly are fabulous! I will be sure to check out your etsy store - congrats!

Kate said...

Your calendars are brilliant, loving your vacuum cleaner table too, I've never had success making one of those.

Tracey said...

I just received my calendar. What gorgeous work of art!